I Remember
Seaman Maxwell's swan dive off the front of the ship while leaving Puerto Rico ...Sting
When the chairs were not bolted down on the mess deck. ...Sting
UNREP on 78 MED, watching that whale getting chopped up by the Supply Ship ...Sting
Boston Bob's Boise 901 system in the TR Switchgear room coming back from 78 Med ...Sting
Nordean bringing us through a NorEaster, cracks the ship while attempting to get us home for the Super Bowl. ...Sting
Bottom Bounce Triple Freq in to the baffles ...Sting
Partying at Dino's, pitchers of beer, pizza, peanuts, good friends ...Sting
Drinking a lot of Boones Farm and watching, Foghat, the Outlaws and Johnny Van Zant at a Gym in Charleston ...Sting
A nice evening at the Port Drive In ...Sting
Going to a biker bar with Doug, the girl bartender had two black eyes ...Sting
Running out of Toilet paper after leaving Egypt ...Sting
Taking nooners, falling asleep listening to Willie Nelsons Stardust ...Oz
Watching the Sonar Screen with my seat belt on ...Sting
While in Bahrain Ozzie missed the gangway and walked right off the pier. Chalk one more up to double vision ....Shertz
Stein pluckin on that electric guitar with no amplifier (sounded like Oriental music) ...Ron Sullivan
Fred singing to A-scan (ouch) ...Ron Sullivan
Shertz's pig roast (complete with purple jesus) ...Ron Sullivan
Checking LAPS during the midwatch , not pleasant ...Ron Sullivan
The Cave in Mombasa ( Shhhhhh!!!!) ...Ron Sullivan
When I saw the ship in Philly, I experienced the very dichotomy of emotions. My gut was -- don't you guys know that that is one helluva ship -- you need to get that thing back out to sea. Then rational thinking sank in. That ship really isn't that good -- its was her crew that held the value ...Al Calhoun
Blakely's gig going hard aground at high tide in Venice harbor, no water within miles at low tide! ...Jeff Swaysland
Security alert, security alert, away the security alert team, away the backup alert force - Asroc! ...Jeff Swaysland
A case of Jack Daniels in the CMS vault ...Jeff Swaysland
High times at Kelly's beach house ...Jeff Swaysland
CASREPs ...Jeff Swaysland
Ma Baker held a can of Budweiser to his forehead, closed his eyes and read the label (every word) from top to bottom! ...Oz
Ma Baker's canned bacon ...Al Calhoun
Driving across the Copper River Bridge after a few beers at the Isle of Palms ...Sting
Mckenzie's nonstop whistling like a bird ...Sting
Paying someone $20.00 to take my duty, probably $100.00 now ...Sting
Steamin Seaman Bill Beaman boxing matches.
The whole crew getting thrown out of a bar in Boston. 1979 Ships Party. Sting
Waking up in the back of the Rievera after once again missing the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Fox ...Hal
Taping a sonar bouy to the mac. ...Hal
The Duck Pond! ...Hal
Almost every exhaust in the Blakely ventilation system. ...Hal
Frigate Races! ...Hal
Surfing with the flying bridge ...Hal
Midwatch ...Hal
Midrats ...Hal
Someone in 1ST Division screaming due to bad dreams. It would scare the hell out of everyone. ...Sting
Remember how HOT that mess decks coffee was? ...Oz
Remember when you could get a soda out of the machine for a quarter? ...Oz
Remember how you could by a carton of smokes for $4.00? ...Oz
Remember how you could look through the ventalation hole in the bottom of the Sonar head door and see peoples legs and shoes as they walked by while you were sitting on the can? ...Oz
Remember how nasty Woolseys coffee cup was that hung in Sonar? ...Oz
Remember how the rails on the ladders would squeak as you slid down them? ...Oz
Watching Gary Dyer tilt back his head and take a huge swig of Mike Doyles Coppenhagen spit thinking it was his own soda! ...Oz
Being blind as you come in from the weatherdecks at night while in the darken ship curtains. ...Oz
Watching SN Maxfield running in the wardroom naked after being greased from head to toe with silver graphite grease! ...Oz
Getting back from libs drunk at 0400, and getting up for quarters at 0645...still drunk. ...Oz
Sleeping in the torpedo room during working hours....Oz
The Krispy Kreme man coming down the pier!...Oz
Hearing The Roach Coach is making it's approach! ...Oz

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