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Sting, Joe AlBoston BobLorrain, Sting, Spanky, Herndon, Pochron, HooksMikeGene, Hooks78 Yearbook Staff
Jake on Asroc launcherSting, Wright in EygptUSS Blakely Birdseye ViewBill SheffieldMike Doyle, Danny Gibson and Richard Carraque
Mark Osborne in CubaMark Osborne and RetardWarren in Sonar ControlDamn I'm YoungRichard Carrique in BostonMark Osborne in Sonar OneLeo P. McNulty
OZ's Big MomentCooper River BridgeCooper River BridgeRichard CariqueUSS Blakely in Toronto, ItalyHurricane AllenSting J.D. Boyd
Fleenors MudbowlBut Yea Well Shit Ya knowGene PochronBruce Jacobsen 78 Med CruiseJoe Boyd 78 Med CruiseGood Ole DickMa BakerChuck Czajka
Blakely in Formation with Nato ShipsSki Trip in French AlpsHave Fun with Oz's FaceDoug & Spanky were good friends some of the time.David Johnson & Barney MillerLamps On 78 Med.Jeff Swaysland 78 Med. CruiseJD Boyd's first look at new baby girl. Kenneth McSpadden reunion with wife Tracy

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