Recent Emails

Robert Steinberg
RateRank: EMFN
Address: 91 Clay Street, A 206  
CityState: Quincy, MA Zip: 02170
Phone: 6174810179
BirthDay: 09/10/1954
Comments: Fireman Steinberg DC Central. You go into the Navy to be an Electrician and you get hoodwinked into becoming the Log Yoeman to get out of being sent to the Boiler Room. What the hell was I thinking.

Jim Morlick
Address: PO Box 8575
CityState: Elkridge, Maryland
Zip: 21075
Phone: 4105911411

Name: Bolivar Rubiano Sr.
RateRank: LCDR
Address: 701 Wintrthop Street #314
CityState: Taunton, MA
Zip: 02780
Phone: 508 824-2472
BirthDay: 05-27-1957
Comments: Served on board from 12 Sept 1986 to 29 April 1988. First as a 1st Lt with deck division then as DCA.

Name: J. David Haurus
RateRank: RM2
Address: Long Island
CityState: NY
Zip: 11935
Comments: Plank Owner Pre commissioning to Feb 1972. North Atlantic shakedown cruise Norway, Denmark, Germany, and France. North Atlantic crossing was an experience. Crews head reeked of guess what!! Two trips to Gitmo for training, one operational cruise in the fall of '71 escorting merchant vessels out of South America, for what I don't exactly recall!? Great crew! Hi to Bill, Iizzy, Deny, Smitty, Coop, Mac, Bob, and the rest of the Radiomen! You to Montana!! While she served herself well it was a shame to see her cut up for scrap, filled up a bit!! Will never forget my tour on board the Blakely.